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About BetSpider

About BetSpider

About BetSpider

We are here to create a transparent and safe environment to offer the best games where you can earn cryptocurrency and enjoy top quality games. With our investment products like join banker and stake and dividend, you can earn more cryptocurrency.

We are planning to be the full web3 blockchain gambling service operator with full range of games including sports book.


What’s BetSpider Roadmap?

BetSpider will have Better fun, Better Security, Better profits and Better VIP care.



Please visit the following links below and follow the instructions on how to download, install as well as create your account.

When connecting Scatter, please turn off all EOS wallet apps in the Chrome extension program.

<div class="faq__line"></div>

Wombat :

Token Pocket : <a href=""></a>

Tron Link : <a href=""></a>

Customer Security

We take your security extremely seriously. Our experts have built in various sophisticated measures to prevent theft or unexpected loss of funds. In addition to this, we follow all the best practices to keep your account and coins safe.


Create a SP account

It will be generated automatically when you login.

Account Login

How to

You should be able to see at the top right hand corner, a LOGIN button.   <img src="../images/faq/membership-1.png"/>
Once selected, you should see that you have a choice of which methods to login.

<img src="../images/faq/membership-login.png"/>

You have a choice to log in either using EOS or Tron Wallets.

<em>For Scatter,</em> it will ask a permission pop-up as below;

<img src="../images/faq/membership-3.png"/>

When successful, you should be able to see the following image on the top right hand corner,
clearly indicating your username and balance.

<img src="../images/faq/membership-4.png"/>

<em>For Tronlink users on PC,</em> you should be able to see the icon on the top right hand corner of your window;

<img src="../images/faq/membership-5.png"/>

Follow their instruction to login and activate your wallet.

Once you press, Login button, it should show the following message.

<img src="../images/faq/membership-login.png"/>

When proceeding with Login with Tron Wallet, you should see the confirmation request from Tronklink;

<img src="../images/faq/membership-6.png"/>

Please accept to complete the login process.

You should be able to see your Tronk Account name clearly displayed in the top navigation bar like below;

<img src="../images/faq/membership-7.png"/>

<em>For Token Pocket mobile users,</em> Once you log in and active your wallet, you should be able to see the following image;

<img src="../images/faq/membership-8.png"/>

Please press login to find the window below;

<img src="../images/faq/membership-9.png"/>

You should be able to get the Account Authorization pop-up window like below.

<img src="../images/faq/membership-10.png"/>

When confirmed, it will ask you to put the password in. Please check the name of the account is correct.

<img src="../images/faq/membership-11.png"/>

When confirmed, you should be able to see your account name clearly displayed at the top left hand corner of the screen.

<img src="../images/faq/membership-12.png"/>

If you do not have any, we have provided download links and please follow their instruction to install a wallet of your choice.

Account Wallet

It can be done either using your cryptocurrency wallets like Scatter, TokenPocket, TronLink etc.

Inactive Account

When there is no activity (i.e. making a bet, a deposit, a withdrawal or any others), your account will become an inactive account.

My Points

These are our loyalty points, which are earned while playing. These points can be converted to a cryptocurrency of your choice offered in our service.

Revocation of Memebership (注销账号)

Unable to access all games at Betspider.

With the previously registered email address, you will NOT be able to access any of games offered by Betspider. All data including your personal data will be deleted and any remaining balance will be forfeited and be at our discretion.

14-day probationary period

Your personal information will be kept for 14 days after the request of the revocation of the membership. You can withdraw your request at any time during the probationary period. After the period, we will not be able to withdraw your request.


无法享受BetSpider游戏及服务 注销后,您将无法使用该账号,且无法继续享受BetSpider提供的游戏及服务。 所有游戏数据和个人信息, 账户余额将被永久删除且无法恢复。


提交注销申请后,14天内我们将维持该账号信息。 14天内登录账号并撤回注销,可重新恢复账号所有信息。 如超过14天,该账号将无法恢复。

<a href="/withdrawal-membership" onclick="document.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('leave')); return false;" class="faq-button"><span>Revocation of membership (注销账号)</span></a>

My Page

My Page

What is

This is a page designated to show all the important information about you like your balance, transaction history as well as your Points.

My Balance

How to

You should be able to see at the top right hand corner, a My Nickname button.

<img src="../images/faq/my-balance.png"/>

You can check your balance and history of transactions.

My Referral

How to

Find the menu called My Referral on the top menu bar in the main page.

You should be able to see an image like below.

<img src="../images/faq/my-page-3.png"/>

Please use MY REFERRAL LINK when you refer a friend as you will earn 2% of any bets they made as referral points.

Earn Referral Rewards

How to

Find the menu called My Referral on the top menu bar in the main page.

You can check your balance and history of transactions.

<img src="../images/faq/my-page-4.png"/>

You can claim your points in ‘Total points available to claim’ Menu

The claimed points can be viewed in “My Points’

Convert points to cryptocurrencies

How to

You can convert points (EOS-Point / TRX-Point) to cryptocurrencies (EOS / TRX) respectively. You can exchange points to cryptocurrencies in Menu > My Page > My Point as below.

Bet Spider

Bet Spider

What is

It is our token for our platform to reward our players. The amount of SP rewarded will depend on how much you bet. With the token, you can stake in our Stake and Dividend to invest.

SP Wallet

What is

It is our account for you to use in our service. It will be created once you go through the registration process.

Rounding numbers

All numbers in Bet Spider are shown to 4 decimal places. However, since we store up to 8 decimal places and when adding up, there may be some differences.

Deposit / Withdraw

Make a deposit

How to

It is only available when you log in and successfully created our SP account. You can switch the method of deposit as below;

<img src="../images/faq/dw-1.png"/>

Using a wallet method, it will automatically designate where to and from. You can either enter the amount you wish to deposit, or use the scroll. When you have the correct amount, please press “Deposit” button.

<img src="../images/faq/dw-2.png"/>

Make a withdrawal

How to

It is only available when you log in and successfully created our SP account. Like making a deposit, you can switch between the methods as below;

<img src="../images/faq/dw-3.png"/>

Using a wallet method, it will automatically designate where to and from. However, if you wish to withdraw to a different account, you can do so.


Due to the nature of the blockchain, there will be some delays in both deposit and withdrawal due to each blockchain requiring different confirmation time.


Mining Pool

What is

This is a pool of SP tokens to be mined. There will be 10 rounds to mine our tokens.

Mining Rate

What is

This is the rate at which you will be mining our SP tokens. This rate will vary mainly with the bet amounts and VIP levels as well as the current mining rate.


Stake and Dividend

What is Stake

It is one of our main investment services for our players to stake their SP earned and receive a reward as Points. These points can be converted to a cryptocurrency of your choice offered in our service.

Stake / Unstake

How to

You should be able to see the menu below;

<img src="../images/faq/sd-1.png"/>

When clicked, you should be able to see the following image in the main screen.

<img src="../images/faq/sd-2.png"/>

Before you can stake, you need to choose which token to receive as a dividend first.

You can do so by selecting available token in the drop down menu by pressing the drop-down menu <img src="../images/faq/sd-3.png"/>

When you have more than the minimum amount of required SP to activate ‘Stake’, the button should change colour indicating it is active.

<img src="../images/faq/sd-4.png"/>

When successful, you should see a change of the ‘Staked’ balance on the right of the main screen in Mining Pool as below;

<img src="../images/faq/sd-5.png" />

You should be able to see that the Unstake button is active as below;

You can decide how much you wish to unstake by either typing the amount or adjusting the bar.

<img src="../images/faq/sd-6.png"/>

You should be able to see that the Unstake button is active as below;

<img src="../images/faq/sd-7.png"/>

Once confirmed, by pressing the button, the amount will be seen in “Available SP to Stake”

<img src="../images/faq/sd-8.png"/>

By unstaking, you will not be able to earn any dividends on the unstaked amount of SP.

Waiting to Stake

What is

It is a state when your recent action is waiting to come into effect with the pending amount.


What is

It is the amount of tokens you have staked in our Stake and Dividend service.


Dividend Profit

How to

For Stake and Dividends, it can be seen like below;

<img src="../images/faq/sd-9.png"/>

Average Earning

What is

It is an average Dividend Earnings per round per 10K SP in the last 6 rounds.

Round Earnings

What is

It is the latest Dividend Earnings in a round per 10K SP.

Join Banker

Join / Quit Banker

What is

It is another main investment service for our players to join the house as a banker to enjoy a share of the profit whenever the banker wins.

How to

The menu is located in the main menu on the left of the main screen.

<img src="../images/faq/jb-1.png"/>

When you select the menu, it will direct you to the main Join Banker screen;

<img src="../images/faq/jb-2.png"/>

Where you can see its performance, join or quit menu, as well as your profit.

You should be able to see the available token to join the banker.

You can either type the amount you wish to join or scroll the bar.

<img src="../images/faq/jb-3.png"/>

Once you have decided on the amount, the button should be active as below;

<img src="../images/faq/jb-4.png"/>

By pressing the button, your request is confirmed and this should be seen under ‘Waiting to Join’ in My Profit.

Please note that any changes make will be confirmed in the next round.

<img src="../images/faq/jb-5.png"/>

The amount you can quit will be showing as;

<img src="../images/faq/jb-6.png"/>

You can quit the Banker by pressing the quit button in the main screen.

<img src="../images/faq/jb-7.png"/>

Like Join Banker, it will be confirmed in the next round.

It can be seen under Waiting to quit in My profit.

<img src="../images/faq/jb-5.png"/>

Banker Profit

How to

For Join Banker, it should be located below the main performance graph.

<img src="../images/faq/jb-5.png"/>


What is

It is a term used as a return on investments.


Referral Program

What is

It is a reward programme for our players who refer friends to our service. Currently the reward rate is at 2% of any bets made by your friends.

Referral Code

What is

It is a code generated for you to share with your friends.


VIP Program

It is a loyalty programme for your players. There are 6 levels and each level has different Points and the mining rate. Higher the level, more Points and SP mining rate.

VIP Benefit

What is

With a higher VIP level, you will earn more SP tokens per bet.

VIP Level

How to

The moment you join Bet Spider, you’re automatically in the VIP program. You start with the Wood level but more bets you place on any game in Bet Spider, higher you can climb the VIP level and hence benefit higher rewards.


Bonus Rewards (FBC)

What is

It is short for Free Bonus Coins, exclusively used for promotion with an expiry date.


Complaint / Inquiry

If you have found any bugs, please let us know at

Contact us

If you have any questions or complaints, please reach out to us at